Friends of the Weiser River Trail
1997 - 2021
Celebrating 24 Years!

See our Google map for more specific details.

WEISER:  To get to the southernmost trailhead, enter the town of Weiser on Highway 95 and turn East on Main Street (between the Maverick and Sinclair stations).  In one-half mile you will be at the new Weiser trailhead.  Facilities include a kiosk with a map, vault toilet (handicap accessible) and a picnic table.  There is a paved parking.  This area is horse friendly and plans for improvements call for horse corrals and hitching rails.  The first mile of trail from highway 95 is paved, the result of a joint cooperative venture with the City of Weiser.  There is a horse path alongside the paved portion, and it is safe and permissible to ride your horses on the pavement.

To get to Galloway Dam, on highway 95, continue past Main Street to Park Street.  Turn right onto Park Street, which becomes Weiser River Road outside of town. Drive east approximately 6 miles. The road will narrow and wind around corners and cattle feedlots. Turn right onto Unity Road when the road forks. The trail will intersect Unity Road in approximately 1/4 mile. There is plenty of parking and you can take the trail in either direction.

GALLOWAY DAM:  At the Unity Road fork (see above), turn left and continue for approximately 3 miles. The trail will parallel the road most of the way.  The pavement ends at the Galloway Diversion Dam. There is limited parking available at this location; it is also a popular local fishing site.

PRESLEY TRAILHEAD:   Between Galloway Dam and Presley Bridge is our latest gem, a proper trailhead.  A vaulted toilet and graded parking area are now in place immediately adjacent to the trail, with good horse trailer parking and easy river access.  We  have also added a picnic table and kiosk.

PRESLEY BRIDGE:  One mile past Galloway Dam is another bridge over the Weiser River. For trips up the river canyon toward Midvale, we recommend parking at Presley Trailhead.  This crossing at Presley Bridge is is the last trail access until you reach Midvale.

MIDVALE:  The trail runs parallel to Highway 95 through town. The body of the town is east of Highway 95 and the trail is between the highway and the town. Park anywhere, being aware of local traffic flow. There is a Bed & Breakfast adjacent to the trail (Eva’s Place).  Water is available in the park.  Please be respectful of the lawn and keep your horses off the grass.

SHOE PEG ROAD:  Staying on highway 95 north as you leave Midvale, across the flat, about 4.5 miles, turn right on Shoepeg Road.  On the left, just west of the bridge, there is a small parking area.

CAMBRIDGE:  The easiest access point to find in Cambridge, and also the one with the most parking, is at the Washington County Fairgrounds. Continue north on highway 95 until an intersection where highway 95 turns east.  The fairgrounds are about 50 yards further on.  Park near the trail.  There is a kiosk here with a map and picnic facilities.  There is one mile of pavement.  There is a horse trail alongside the pavement but again it is permissible to ride your horse on the pavement.

MILL ROAD:  Continue north through Cambridge, past the intersection where Highway 95 turns east. The trail parallels the road on your right most of the way.  The road shortly reaches a bridge.  At the base of the bridge, the trail crosses the road.  There is parking for one or two cars (no horse trailer parking).  Going north on the trail, you will leave the highway.  It is about 8 miles to Goodrich, the next accessible point.

GOODRICH FROM THE SOUTH:  Continue over the bridge and follow the paved road as it winds through the rich farmlands.  Watch very carefully for the signed turn that is a hard left back up the hill to Goodrich.  Dropping down the other side, the trail is on the far side of the river.  At the bottom of the grade, go over the bridge on the river and you are there.  There is limited parking here.

When you reach Goodrich River, the trail and road are crammed pretty tight. People looking for the trail have driven right over it and not seen it. Watch for green powder river gates before you reach the "town" proper. Parking is tight at this location, so this might be a better drop-off or pick up point.  Please park so you are not blocking the road.

GOODRICH FROM THE NORTH:  Coming down the hill from Council, you will cross the Middle Fork of the Weiser River. Starting up Mesa Hill, Goodrich Road will be on your right.  (Directions from there are as above.)

MESA SIDING:  Between Goodrich and Council there is a spot on the west side of Highway 95 where the trail comes out of the Weiser River Valley and runs parallel to Highway 95 and on into Council. There is a small parking area right next to the trail on the downside of the hill just climbed from the Weiser Middle Fork Valley. As the landscape flattens ahead of you, watch the West side of the road for the trail to approach the road at a 90 degree angle. If you miss the exact spot, don't worry. When you notice the trail parallel to Highway 95 on the West side, turn around and watch it until you see a small parking area and the trail shifting sharply westward. This is an excellent alternative to Goodrich and still gives access to a beautiful stretch of trail to the south.

COUNCIL:  Continuing north on highway 95 from Mesa Siding, the road comes to a T-intersection. Turn left onto Hornet Creek Road and follow it until it crosses the trail.  There is a kiosk and picnic area.  This section of the trail is paved.  There is a horse trail alongside.

GLENDALE BRIDGE (STARKEY) TRAIL HEAD:  Drive north of Council on highway 95 about 4 miles.  Where the highway bends gently to the right, continue straight onto Fruitvale-Glendale Road.  The trail is immediately to your left.  The next best access point is at Glendale Bridge.  Stay on Fruitvale Road.  The pavement will turn to good gravel road.  At the bridge, there is a nice flat gravel area, with plenty of parking for horse trailers.  There is a Port-A-Potty in the spring, summer and fall.

EVERGREEN CAMPGROUND:  There is a US Forest Service campground near the trail on Highway 95, about 5 miles south of the Tamarack Lumber Mill.  The campground had a grand re-opening in the summer of 2007, and is open for camping.  There is a kiosk in the back of the campground with directions to the trail.  Note:  This campground is not suitable for horses, there is no place to turn around or unload.  However, we should have a hitching rail near the trail by summer of 2009.

WYE TRAILHEAD (TAMARACK/RUBICON):  The northern end of the trail is officially about 8 miles from New Meadows. The easiest trailhead to find in this area is just north of the Tamarack Lumber Mill. Just past the mill on the right is a dirt road with room to park. The Weiser River Trail owns the large "Y" the trains used to turn around on, so there are acres of unimproved parking available. The bypass around the lumber mill is the most up and down part of the trail, with a short, steep grade where the bypass rejoins the trail.  The Friends of the Weiser River trail have acquired a five-acre parcel of land just north of the Tamarack Mill, and plans call for developing the parcel into a trailhead.  Primitive camping is available but only on a “leave no trace” basis.

OCTOBER 2012:  The road into the Wye Trailhead is improved and signed from highway 95. The road is graveled.  In the fall of 2008, thanks to a grant from the Idaho Horse Board, we installed two horse corrals.  There is a hand pump, also funded in part by the Idaho Horse Board, with potable water.

NOVEMBER 2013:  The Wye has been graded and graveled.  In 2014, we will be adding a kiosk, fire ring, picnic tables and more!